Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Spirit

My husband told me yesterday that every year I tell him I'm just not in the holiday spirit.  And usually every year, that really bothers me.  I can't seem to find the cheer and hyped up hyper that seems to be part of this season.  My mentality towards people doesn't seem to change and I just really don't have this huge adjustment in my life during this time of the year.

Oh, sure...we share dinner and maybe a good chunk of our day with people that are mostly strangers.  So far I haven't given anyone food poisoning...I'm pretty proud of that!  I make and bake more cookies that should be humanly possible.  I buy gifts and wrap them up in pretty paper and put them under a tree.  I tell my kids the story of the birth of Jesus, again, and bake a cake for His birthday. 

Other than stays the same.  Apparently not for many others.  Shelters, hospitals, charities get massive donations at Christmas time.  People start giving.  Churches get crowded.  Good will towards all men is the theme of the day.  Kids have parties in school and dress in red and green for cute holiday concerts.  Families have huge get togethers.  Life is more genial and loving all around.

Sure, people are still homeless.  People still get sick and laid off and have bad days.  Wars still go on.  Prisons still have prisoners.  But for some reason, there is something extra happy about this time of year and I can't seem to find it. 

You see, I think the story of the birth and death of Christ should be told all the time.  I think we should donate all the time.  I think we should have good will towards men all the time.  I think we should help others all the time.  I think we should randomly bake cookies for guessed it...all the time! 

Why should our lives do such a huge about face in this season?  Why should we have a "holiday spirit" and not an "all the time spirit"? 

If you are a person of faith, I can tell you that no where in the Bible does it say rejoice more during a certain time of the year than others.  No where does it say give more during the winter than during the summer.  No where does it say kindness is conditional on the calendar. 

Maybe that's why I can't find my holiday spirit...maybe I manage to keep it all year round.  Ok, that's bragging and simply not true!  But I do try...and I think we all should too. 

I challenge you...give like you do during the holidays all year round.  Have that same compassion in the summer as you do in winter.  Love all year and love well!  I think our world would change if we held the whole year as a time of joy and celebration, instead of just a couple of months.  Let us remember each day, each life, each moment is matter where, when or how we find ourselves!

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