Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fearless....Psalm 3

I like this Psalm!  This is a great reminder that no matter what we face, we can face it with the confidence that God will protect us. 

As I read the first 2 verses, I think to myself how times have simply not changed.  There are still those who do not believe in God.  There are still those who would hate those who do believe in God.  There are still those who sit back to watch and see if "their God" will save us.  The method may be a little different, what with Facebook, cell phones, and news media...but the mentality has not changed.  I find that sad, especially here in America where we are supposed to be tolerant of one another.  Yes, I find it sad. 

The next two verses, however, tell us that not only will He shield us but he will give us glory.  I guess each person has a different vision of glory, and that's fine, but God promises that if we follow His path He will bestow glory upon us.

We are reminded that our breath, our life, our ability to wake up in the morning, is due to the good grace of God.  We get up every morning because God says we should.  While at first there might be a little bit of bitterness at that thought...the thought that God can just say "phfft" and not let us wake up the next morning, once we progress to a deeper trust in God we see though that God chooses to sustain our lives!  It is because of Him that we breathe.  It is because of Him we see the dawn...and He does not have to be that gracious to us!

On the other note, we are told to not fear.  I'm not sure how many times that phrase is in the Bible but I know it's in there a lot!  Don't fear!  God's got this!  What are you worried for?  No matter what the situation, fear should not be our response.

We are able to call upon God to strike down our enemies.  I think we either forget that, or we are afraid to use that now days.  I guess it's not nice and loving to ask God to strike down our enemies.  I can honestly say I've never asked for that...I've always asked for more love, more patience, greater understanding.  I wonder what would happen if I asked God to simply strike down the enemy?  I wonder what would happen if more people remembered we are allowed to do that, and began asking God to strike down the enemy.  This Psalm doesn't ask for God to kill them...but to deliever a crushing blow-something they won't forget.  This is a strike that may remind people God is!  How cool is that?

Yes, I like this Psalm.  "May your blessing be on your people."

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