Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting started with the Psalms

I've decided a way to dive back into my Bible is to keep a journal of what I read about and what I think of each section.  I've decided to start with the Psalms, simply because they aren't my favorite and people seem to think I'm weird for not liking them.  Maybe I am weird...guess we'll find out together.

Psalm 1

This Psalm is short, only 6 verses, yet it manages to cram a whole lot into it.  It seems to tell me that I should not seek council from those who are not Godly.  In other words, don't ask advice from people who don't share your faith.  Makes sense, after all people who walk on a different path are not going to see things from a Godly perspective.  Why would we seek council from those who don't share our faith? 

The part about standing the way of sinners...I'm not sure if that means we should not stand around with other words, actively associate with them, or if it means we should not stand in their way.  I can't imagine that's what it would mean, unless we are talking about those who sin, know it and want to.  There are those we simply cannot stop from sinning...maybe we are supposed to stay out of their way.

It tells us that when we are solid in God's word that we stand solid.  We don't have to worry about being wishy-washy or indecisive.  We can hold firm to the knowledge that God is guiding us and we won't be tossed about on the whims of fashion, popular opinion, or current day fads.  What a relief!  Keeping up with all that is tough!  Being a child of God, holding fast to just His laws is enough to keep me steady and grounded. 

Finally, it shows that in the end, those who choose to walk away from God, those who do not believe will not be able to judge me.  Their opinions don't count.  It is only God who will judge me, and He is fair and just.  He is not held to the whims of human nature, nor is He fickle or forgetful of His promises.  It's a relief to know the standard by which I will be judged, and even more of a relief to know I am already forgiven when I accepted Christ as my Savior. 

See...I had to write all that it what it took a Godly man only 6 verses!

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