Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

Today, you broke the heart of a 10 year old boy.  Today I watched my son break down and cry because you chose to not work together for the benefit of the people of the United States.  He wept because people are going to have to go home tomorrow and tell their families a paycheck isn't coming.  Because bills might not get paid.  Because food might not get put on the table.  Because kids get hungry quick, he said, and parents will cry because they cannot pay for more.  All because YOU let us down. 

Today, my son offered his most sacred possession up, so that he could raise money.  He wants to give that money to the people, the 800,000 people who won't get paid.  Why is it a 10 year old boy understands that kind of sacrifice, but you don't?

Today, my son asked me why is Congress still getting paid when it is their fault the government shut down.  Why, he asked, should they be able to spend money when those other people, those people who work hard beside his dad cannot. I could not give him an answer.

I wept today, not only because my son was heartbroken, but because a 10 year old has more common sense, heart and passion for the people of this country, than the members of our Congress.  Why is it, my 10 year old understands the American freedom of choice and Congress does not?  Why is it a 10 year old boy loves people enough, people he has never even met, to give up and sacrifice and scrimp and save...but you, Congress, you do not. 

I am raising my son in an America I don't know any more.  I am raising him in a country that has a government who cares more about personal image than about getting their jobs done.  I am raising him to be a good, honest, hard working man...and when he looks up and see the government of the country his father serves do things like this, it makes it really hard to explain to him why our country is supposed to be great. 

Shame on you, Congress for having less morals, heart and character than a 10 year old boy. Shame on you for making him cry.  Shame on you for making a mother have to tell her son that she doesn't know why our government does the things it does, when those things are so contrary to the history and standards of this once great country.  Just shame on you!

April E Honaker
Mother of a brokenhearted little boy

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