Monday, September 9, 2013

Homeschool Lessons

I have homeschooled now for over a year.  I have learned much myself, it's amazing really.  Here's what I have discovered about homeschooling:

1.  You will have no life.  Those coffees with the ladies, spur of the moment shopping trips, lunch out with the hubby...totally gone.  Somehow your life becomes about teaching those kids, cleaning up the house (which since they are home ALL the time somehow just never stays clean!).  Most days you'll be ok with this...and then some days you'll want to go screaming for the hills.

2.  Your children will never fail to amaze you.  There will be that time when you just can't believe what your kid just did - good or bad! 

3.  Your kids will always drag out that one subject they the hopes that you will let them not do it.  Sometimes they will win.

4.  You will freak out over your teaching abilities.  There will be that day when little Johnny who goes to school knows or can do something totally amazing and you'll think your kid is behind because of your teaching.  Don't day you'll see little Johnny do something not so smart and you'll feel totally awesome about yourself.

5.  Homeschool groups are great, as long as your realize they are there for support.  They are not there to teach your kids everything...that's kinda supposed to be your job.  Take what support you can get, trade classes with other parents, but in the end know that your kids are your responsibility. 

6.  Aches and pains and sometimes sickness vanish if you cancel school for the day.

7.  Never underestimate the benefits of pajama day!  Mostly for you.

8.  Everything (and I mean everything) can be turned into a lesson.  Take your kid to the store and you make them read the signs.  It's raining and you question them about how it happens.  Static in your hair...let's talk about electrons!  No joke, it's like a bad habit you just can't shake.

9.  You will talk about your kids...a lot.  After all, that's your job and people tend to talk about their work.  If people can't hack listening to you talk about the work you do, then they really don't need to be around you.

10.  You will still have a sex life.  I promise!  (with effort sometimes, but hey, it's still there)

11.  You will still have friends.  Maybe not as many, maybe not as often...but the ones that stick around and put up with your crazy schedule, your need for caffeine, and you constantly smelling like glue or an experiment gone bad are totally worth the effort!

12.  You might go crazy.  It wasn't a far drive for me, maybe you'll take a little longer to get there, but it will happen.  When it does, embrace it!  Sounds weird, but being crazy will keep you sane. 

13.  Your kids will want to leave your side.  So many people think homeschooled kids are homebodies who never leave the house and never make friends and are social weirdos.  Not true...would you want to be in the house all day with the same person that taught you math, washed your underwear, yelled at you to be nice to your sister, and licked her fingers to wash your face?  No, me either...and apparently homeschool kids don't either.  I promise they won't turn into cave people.

14.  Your spouse will totally respect you, if you can get them to watch what you do for just one day.  Guaranteed!

15.  While there are days you will want to throw in the towel, if you keep at it there will be that day when you see your child's face light up...all because they finally get what it is you are teaching them.  The more you teach them, the more you will see that light, the more thankful you will be, because even while you may fear going bald, hair is a small price to pay for opening up the whole world to that little gift God blessed you with!

I'm sure I'll learn and relearn more lessons as I go.  They say learning is a life long process...and teachers must be constant learners-good example for the kids and all!  :)

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