Sunday, September 9, 2012

Warning! Religion ahead!

I am a Christian.  I hope I have never hidden that fact.  Today, I find myself afraid.  Afraid for my children, afraid for the future, afraid for our teachers, leaders, military personnel.  I am afraid of what my nation is becoming.  I am afraid that one day I will not be able to write this for fear of doing jail time.  I am simply afraid.

I am a Christian.  I teach my children Christian values.  NO, that does not mean I teach my children to hate, to point fingers, to say bad things about others.  NO, that does not mean that I hate, point fingers, or say bad things about others.  I teach my children what the Bible says about creation and what science says too.  I let them wrap their minds around those two different things and answer their questions as best I can. I have to admit though, we really don't hang out to much in Genesis 1...there are other, important things to learn about in the Bible.  Such as how to live our lives.

My oldest daughter is 8 and already she has been called stupid for having faith in God.  Already she has been told by OTHER CHILDREN that there is no God.  My son tells me he did not like to pray over his lunch because people would ask him why he was doing that.  In some public schools prayer is called a distraction.  Yet, my 5 year old daughter knew the word sexy in kindergarten, and that is certainly not a distraction.

What are we doing as a nation??  Why are we singling out the Christian faith as one that is bad and wrong?  Other faiths receive the support of our government, not this one.  Sure, one can argue we still have a national day of prayer.  Someone still comes and prays over congress.  We still have God on our money and in our pledge.  And yet at the DNC reinstating God was met with boos!  Boos!!!  People are arrested for handing out Bibles in the street.  High school seniors are told to take God out of their speeches.  Military commanders are not allowed to say anything about the chapel on base. 

Something is wrong with our country.  You may not be a Christian, and that is ok.  But please don't teach your children to make fun of those who are.  Please don't boo the mention of my God.  Simply remain silent.  Please do not vote to remove my rights to worship as I choose and I will do the same for you.  We as a country are supposed to have religious tolerance.  What happened??

I am a Christian, please don't hate me, or fear me, or run from me, or mock me.  I am human just like you...I just place my hope and trust in Jesus Christ.  I cannot make you do the same, and I will not hound you to "convert, convert!".  I will trust that my actions will speak louder than any words I could speak.  I will trust my God to work in my life as He wills it, just as He will in yours.  I'm sorry if that offends you.  I love you anyway.

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