Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Real Blog

This blogging thing is popular now.  Remember those days when we just sat around and talked to each other?  Or picked up the phone?  Kept a journal?  Or even wrote a book and crossed your fingers to have it published?  This times are beyond gone it seems.  Such a shame, to me anyway.  However, use the technology available and make the best of it.

So why am I doing a blog?  I guess somewhere along the line I realized that I read other people's and they do occasionally encourage me.  Other times they make me think of things I should have already been thinking of all along.  Of course sometimes they just plain make me laugh!  I realized that I have an opportunity to do the same.  I enjoy writing, but I don't often have the chance just to sit and write.  Besides I'm not a woman that can write without a purpose. 

Who am I and why do you care?  Well, I can't make you care, but I can tell you about me.  I'm an the only daughter of an Air Force vet of 25 years, I am an Air Force vet of 5 years, I am married to an Active duty Air Force 1st Sgt who has been in 20 years, I am the mother of three children all under the age of 9, I am a Christian (so yeah, I'll talk about God sometimes), I'm sarcastic, I'm funny (to myself and my family anyway), I love people, and even though I don't know you, I'll call you family too!

I am crazy enough to homeschool my children, David-9, Katie-8, and Emily-6, and since it is the first year I'm crazy enough to do this it is not always pretty!  My kids do not always like me at the end of the day and I don't always like them.  Doesn't mean I don't love them anymore (yes, I know, double negative) but, not so much.  My husband David tells me daily he has no clue how I do it and I tell him I don't know either!  haha

I still go to school myself, so you'll probably hear me vent about my crazy, insane, mean, or just plain stupid professors!  Not really, but I'm sure I will vent.  The class I'm taking now...well, this man must think all I have to do all day is read his stuff!  I mean really man!  Ugh.  Ok, I'm done now.

Ok, so you know me a little better now.  I know not all the questions are answered and I may never answer them all...girl has to have her mysteries!  :)

I'm gonna go frost a cake with my girls.  Then we are gonna eat it!  Night all!

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  1. Yay for blogging! I've been blogging for years and I have it to be such a catharsis. My blog was private for a few years, and I then I decided to make it public. BIG step!

    I enjoy it and I look forward to reading your blog! :)